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From Slashing Grocery Bills to Bucket Gardening

Here's some goodies from my email that have racked up lately so I went through ALL my email (just my gmail lol) and deleted all the "junk" and saved the good stuff for a blog.

Simple Ways To Slash Your Grocery Bill
Seven Ways To Save On Fuel
Free Organic Soil Fertilizer
All About Growing Sweet Corn
A Better Way To Harvest Rainwater
Easy Natural Remedies For Summer
Why You Don't Need Anti-bacterial Soap
How To Make A Kite From Recycled Materials
How To Build A Gourd Birdhouse
How To "Garden in a Bucket" for Children

The "Hillbilly Housewife" site says using white vinegar as your fabric softener is not only cheaper but works better. I'll have to get a Downy ball for that because I never can remember to put it in the rinse cycle.

The "Cool Summer Treats" blog entry has some yummy recipes for smoothies and milk shakes. I've seen the Wendy's Frosty clone recipe before but haven't tried it yet so maybe we'll get the stuff tomorrow to make some.

And last of all... some easy and yummy summer sandwiches!

Turkey Cucumber Dill Sandwiches
Chicken Club Sandwiches
Chicken BLT Sandwiches
Ranch Tuna Melt Wedges

I'm itching to try that Ranch Tuna Melt Wedges recipe. Might substitute mayo for the ranch if it's too tangy.


Shopping Time - Store Circulars

Since I live in the South, these stores might primarily be only in my area so feel free to comment with a link to others in YOUR area!

For $30 each month you can get a whole lot of food to stretch your food budget at an Angelfood Ministry location near you. Very helpful!