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How to save on electric bill

Want to know what home appliance is running up your electric bill?  This Kill-A-Watt device will show you exactly where your money is literally flying out the window.  Not a bad investment for just $19.99 (was $52.43!).  Shipping is FREE with Amazon Prime Membership (which is a great deal in itself! I highly recommend it.).

How to lower your electric bill!

1. Simply turn off the electronics you aren't using.  If you have the tv on just for background noise - turn it off. That's a no brainer.  Turn ceiling fans off when you're not in that particular room - especially if noone will be in it all day. 
2. Wrap your hot water heater. Learn how, here. Buy one here.
3. Install a timer on your hot water heater. Amazon ranks this particular one as a good one.
4. Replace all light bulbs with energy saving ones.
5. Don't use the "energy saver" tab in your refrigerator. Keep the fridge temp between 36-40F, and the freezer should be 0-5F.
6. Wash clothes in cold water. Wash very early in the morning or in the evening.
7. Line dry your clothes. If you use a dryer, clean the lint filter after every use.
8. Fix leaky faucets (so you don't heat the water you're losing & also to keep the water bill from going up!)
9. Make use of fans during the hot summer months & raise your air condition thermostat.
10. During the cold months, lower your heater thermostat and layer your clothing.

Check out for more helpful tips.

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